The Hive Webinar Community in Africa Lessons Gleaned from the Africa Continental

About this Event The newly ratified ACFTA begins to celebrate the potential of a United Africa. Bringing to life the dreams of Julius Nyerere and Nkwame Nkuramah. Our leadership is beginning to appreciate the value of intra-African trade and how that can be a tool to improve the lives of people on the continent. Then #COVID19 borders close. Communities fragment. What does this mean to our sense of community? What happens to the trade of goods and services? What is our sense of community? What is the future of ACFTA?

Speaker: Chenesai, a Shona word which translates to “to clarify| shed light,” is a threefold brand entity located in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. A fast-rising global brand that houses a fashion anthropology portfolio (Chenesai Brand and King K ‘Pants Brothers’). It also houses a community upliftment portfolio that is driven by an International Trade and Investment Law in Africa focus. The brand is a confluent production that is a personal reflection of the multi-faceted founder Chenesai Noreen Mukora-Mangoma. Founded by Noreen Chenesai Mukora-Mangoma, each aspect of the brand draws from her life and educational experiences. Some of the most precious memories from Chenesai’s childhood include visiting and supporting her grandmother Evelyn Mazonde’s stalls at the Harare Gardens and different trade fairs.