The African woman has always been a complex multifaceted being. For centuries, her survival has been bold, beautiful and, brilliant. Within her fabric has always been this profound ability to be the seed of nations balanced with reinventing cultures, one generation at a time.

 Our vision at Chenesai is to remember, recover and reveal that which sustains the African woman through the fashion lens.

Founded in 2012 by fashion enthusiast Chenesai, Chenesai strives to honour the African woman’s intricate narrative, thread by robust thread, design by innovative design. With world class tailoring and groundbreaking global appreciation of style, we are thrilled to invite you to personally advance this narrative when you wear Chenesai. You were born for such a time and it is our deepest honour to contribute to your meaningful and sustanable fashion



Our sense is that your infant is part of the generation that will shape the future. A future full of wonder and defined by the promise of their presence here. May we support their learning, playing, sharing and ‘Dream Big’ aspirations. Here’s to a bold journey in their ‘King K’ attire. And The collection also includes baby accessories and comforters.

the top five garments

Take a look at our top 5 garments that draw massive attention wherever we go!