Evelyn Mazonde: Showing Great Enterprise

The Zimbabwe Agriculture Society’s Harare Show is in many respects a story that demonstrates the spirit of enterprise.

Octogenarian Mrs. Evelyn Mazonde of Mabvuku Harare, an enterprising exhibitor, has been able to put all her children, grand children and extended family members through school from the proceeds made from her craft stall at the Harare show yearly.

The 83-year-old great-grandmother has made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman and mother who has educated her own 10 children and several grandchildren from the earnings at the harare show over the last 35 years.

Every year Mrs. Mazonde brings her fine crochet ware to the show and sells her beautiful doilies, tablecoths, bedspreads, ponchos, outfits and knitted garments to the eager public.

The enterprising Mrs Mazonde who has won several prizes for her crochet work in the Show’s Home Industries Section, is always happy to offer encouragement and tips to other crafts women who approach her for guidance.