“Coffee My Thoughts: Collating my Passion”
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Coffee | Fashion Trade | Social Development

As with many people, I have come to realise that I have many passion and power points, so many things that I love doing, and living in a contemporary world, a diverse range of things have become saleable. You start thinking of ways to realistically put down all the things that you love and importantly, figuring out sustainable ways to commercialise these things. This is such an important time in my life, and if I knew then what I know now, I would have started doing these things earlier, but it’s never too late right?

Coffee My Thoughts is one of those things that was birthed out of my passion, and trying to commercialise the things I naturally love doing. After all, as cliché as it may sound, they say do what you love and never work a day in your life, and importantly do what you love and make the most out of your life, so here I am.

Over the years, I drank coffee in different places, from Washington DC, Australia, Dubai, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, to Ethiopia, and what was so amazing as I looked through what some people would term ‘useless Instagram posts,’ is that every time I post something with a coffee, I add a little fundamental quote about how I am feeling, and when you collate these things, they tell a story, a story of consistency, a story of a woman, a story of passion, a story of love, a story of travel and importantly, a story of a life lived.

Coffee My Thoughts is a compilation of consistent thoughts of a woman becoming. With each sip, each slow and delicate sip, she marinates, she dilutes, she strengthens and she becomes. It’s only dawned on me now that coffee has been coloring my thoughts for over 15 years. Thank God for the digital era, with its shameless selfie culture or what other people consider wasted picture taking. In retrospect, this very culture allowed me to document precious moments of my life that have been accompanied by a cup of coffee. I travel my archives on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to surface coffee my thoughts. This is just the beginning. I hope that volume 1 in its purest thoughts will introduce you to a woman becoming and how I have birthed and been birthed and through each sip, how I will continue.


I love that we exist in a contemporary world in which you can commercialise just about any entity because of the way the world has become shaped, a global village with the world as your market. I never thought I would be a publisher, but here comes my first eBook, in its rawest of forms with no perfections in it, but a collation of the things I deeply love. I suppose stories are best told from places of depth and experience, and what this eBook has allowed me to do is to self reflect on how I can continue to work to collate my dream, and to collaborate all the things I love and mold this beautiful brand through my love for fashion trade, through my love for coffee, and through my love for social development. How can we bring all these things that form our strength and our core and make them something more vital?

Maybe the world is not ready for us, but I feel diversification of your portfolio only works to make you stronger. Let’s see how the world unpacks and receives people when they merge passion with action.