C.H.A.T series

Feeling privileged to be presenting our C.H.A.T series!! Sustaining the voice of hope . Excited to speak to our first guest from Sudan @davustudio.
Hope you get to join us ❤
Before the world reminded us to learn to be cost effective, at Chenesai Africa we were working to set up a video podcast (see link in Bio) we had recorded our first episode. Come #covid19 we had to restructure operations.

About Chenesai Having A Talkabout (CHAT) ….

Sustaining the voice of hope

Over the years, we’ve had conversations in different settings and places with different people. From each person, our hope, strength and resolve to go on and keep fighting for economic justice for women, to keep increasing visibility of small-scale traders, to tell the African story and to shed our voice to the African narrative has been strengthened. The Chenesai video podcast is a means to give back and to build up a body of work that will celebrate all these experiences and what they have meant to our brand, and how every encounter has been fundamental and will continue giving hope to us.

We hope that hope, will shine across the world.
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