C.H.A.T Episode 2

The hope plug whispered to us that Zanta Adeyde just opened a concept shop the Village Marker in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 so ofcourse this week we go to Kenya to chat about how this amazing brand is sustaining the voice of hope.

A bit about Zanta Adeyde

“2015 the founder Anyango Adeyde Started creating jewelry using Bones, Beads and Brass as a self taught designer and the founder of the Brand Zanta Adeyde, Over the years the passion has grown in designing and creating pure leather handbags and bespoke accessories inspired by nature globally incorporated into our daily lives. As part of Zanta growth she works with different premium brands at newly launched Zanta Adeyde store at the village ….whose intention is to rent out space to designers and ensure clients access variety under one and we hope this will spread across Africa.”