After school

Education is the key to unlocking choices for the upcoming generation. What is often not talked about, but is just as important is Exposure…

Exposure to new art, new ideas, career networks, career fairs and the wonderful Fourth Industrial Revolution. The world is changing everyday and with this change the future of work and life as we know it. Are young Zimbabwean children in the rural areas prepared to step in the gap in terms of digital careers, medical areas and software development careers. Our research shows us they are not.

This is why we have developed After School. We do not believe you need money to help others, only love. Our team is made up of trade lawyers, internationally certified speakers, tech consultants and medical doctors, just to name a few. Together, we are giving our time, opening our networks and showing young men and women from disadvantaged backgrounds the world and the choices open to them. Our intention is to encourage, uplift and support. We believe that talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. Through After School, we will grow, capacitate and raise a new generation of empowered individuals ready and confident to take on the world.

Join us as we change the world, because we are really excited for what is coming